15/04/2015 12:29

Rehearsals for the summer performance begin at the end of April starting with a MEN ONLY session. The Choir are in desperate need for male voices.  You do not have to be Andreas Bocelli or even have a “good” voice.  All we need are men to join forces with their voices to balance the vocals.  At the moment, there are five men to around 30 women!!  So at the end of April, a “taster session” is being organised at the centre with, I believe, FREE BEER & PIZZA!!!  Full rehearsals start in May.  The session is run by Ian Williamson which is full of fun and laughter.  It’s amazing how people sound when we all join together!   The sessions are from 19:30 - 21:00 on a Wednesday evening.

Why not pop along and see what fun we have!!