Neighbourhood Watch

To become a member of the Neighbourhood Watch is absolutely free, so there is nothing to lose but everything to gain!  AND... you also get cheaper house insurance!!  You do not have to do anything, that's what we as co-ordinators are there for.  All you do need to do is to report anything suspicious either directly to the Police or to your area co-ordinator.

Neighbourhood Watch is about bringing people together in their community to increase security, prevent crime, and reduce the fear of crime, especially among vulnerable people, in order to build safer and more solid communities. Neighbourhood Watch is also designed to discourage potential offenders. 

It is hugely important to report crime and suspicious behaviour, regardless of how minor you may think the information is. By reporting crime and suspicious behaviour straight away, you may be giving vital information to the police. You will be preventing crime, and may even save a life.

The fact that many of the calls made to the Police by members will turn out to be false alarms, doesn't matter. The important thing is that the information is reasonably accurate. There are of course some situations which are more urgent than others, where a 999 emergency call is essential.

If you see anything at all suspicious or you are concerned about something, please ring the Police on 101. If it is possible to get a registration number of a vehicle, or description of people acting suspiciously, that will help the police considerably. But only if safe to do so.

For further information regarding the Lordswood Neighbourhood Watch, please contact one of the co-ordinators below:

Plover Close, Kestrel Close, Sandpiper Road & Gannet Close:        

Lin Willcocks  Tel: 07703025103

Turnstone Gardens: Jim 

Tel:  07719741300

Sheldrake Gardens: Katrina Rogers:   via Lin Willcocks above

Coxford Road:  Judy Short:

Hawfinch Close:  Hazel Patel: Tel: 07795623794


For non-urgent matters, please contact the police on 101, or email

For emergencies please call 999.